The YRHANG Handheld Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner


The YRHANG Handheld Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are the best appliances for cleaning comfortably by using suction power. Several types of vacuum cleaners are available in the market, especially the handheld vacuum cleaners. The handheld-vacuum can deliver that kind of cleaning process where the bigger-vacuum can not perform. The best part of these handheld devices are simple to use, and you can comfortably ferret out crumbs from between couch, cushions, and the dirt from under car seats.

However, the YRHANG Handheld Car Vacuum is an outstanding vacuuming device, and that comes with the best design. It is a portable car vacuuming device, which comes with the cordless design and super suction power. This device comes with various features, which deliver comfortable cleaning with ease. The best part of this device is the lightweight design, which makes this device user friendly, including the cordless design. This YRHANG car vacuum also comes with several convenient features, and that becomes powerful enough to clean all areas in your car. For better use, this unit also includes different extra attachments and allows you to use it with the measurement regarding its portability.

Specific Feature of the YRHANG Car Vacuum

The YRHANG is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaning unit, and it comes with portable design. The best feature of this device is the motor power, which is the 120-Watt motor, and that delivers the best 5000pa strong suction-power to clean conveniently. That is the specific feature of this device due to its strong suction, and that also allows you to clean up wet material or dry debris for home and car cleaning. Another feature of this device is the waterproof filter design, and which provides the best usage, also prevents the damage with the touch of water.

This handheld vacuum also comes with the HEPA filters system, that is reusable and provides the best use. The reusable HEPA-filters of this device comfortably lock dirt and debris inside for smooth disposal. Due to the convenient 2200mAh lithium-Ion battery power, and that provides 30-minutes long-lasting running time. Because of the 2200mAh Lithium-Ion battery, and that can create the best suction for cleaning wet material or dry debris suitably.

Features & Programs of the YRHANG Car Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Vacuum

The YRHANG handheld car vacuum cleaner comes with different types of features and programs, which allow you to work with this device comfortably. Regarding the portable design, it comes with 12V working voltage for cleaning the dirt and dust. The 120-watts electricity power creates 5000pa suction power to clean up suitably. It also comes with the cordless function with the lightweight design approximately 800-Grams for better using to reach every corner without a power cord, including the hard to reach areas. The 7.2V power lithium-Ion battery-2200MAH of this device provides 30-minutes of running time. It comes with the USB charging port using the 100V-240V AC charger. Additionally, this device also includes waterproof reusable HEPA filters that deliver the safe use to clean dirt and debris with simple disposal after cleaning. It also comes with an increased capacity dirt bowl, and you can use this comfortably with one manageable button release to empty the container.

This handheld vacuum also equipped with 3-attachment and includes extra attachments, which are the 2-connectors, 1-flat nozzle, 1-brush nozzle, 1-convert adapter, and 1-extension flash haze. Because of all these features, you can quickly tackle unexpected messes on multiple surfaces while cleaning. Moreover, that is a convenient handheld vacuuming unit to clean all areas in your car, including the hard-to-reach areas.

How to Use the YRHANG Car Vacuum Cleaner?

The working process with this YRHANG handheld vacuum cleaner is simple. It also comes with a cordless and portable design, allows you to clean the dirt and debris suitably. Regarding its intelligent motor, that also allows you to use comfortably with no blind angle and no blocking. The HEPA filter of this device is convenient that effectively achieve separation and avoid secondary pollution.

The YRHANG Handheld Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

The one-key feature of this vacuum also provides convenient cleaning. You can also get the best cleaning with this device with strong suction, including the brush nozzle for cleaning soft, elastic, and other irregular surfaces. You can also clean the bottom surface of the car, and back trunk surface, also you can clean the air conditioner outlet. Furthermore, due to the intelligent motor, it comes with the automatic adjustment that enhanced the suction with no heating for cleaning comfortably. This handheld vacuum also includes the 4-meter long power cord for cleaning all areas as well as the corners and the hard to reach areas.

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The YRHANG handheld is a cordless vacuuming device that also provides convenient cleaning. Regarding the portability and lightweight design that comfortably tackle unexpected messes on multiple surfaces. Because of the advanced technology, this device delivers strong suction to clean suitably, including the long power cord for cleaning all areas. Regarding the cordless design, you can also use this device without a power cord and provides convenient cleaning to reach every corner and other spaces. Moreover, this YRHANG is a convenient handheld vacuum device, and that delivers the best cleaning performance while working with it.

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