Handy Tips for Effective and Swift Spring Cleaning of Your Home

Effective and Swift Spring, Cleaning of Your Home Easy Steps To Clean Your Floor

Handy Tips for Effective and Swift Spring Cleaning of Your Home

Spring cleaning of the home is a monotonous, exhausting and difficult exercise. Yet, it need not be that way. With a well thought out and methodical plan, it is possible to have an effective and swift clean of your home and enjoy it too! And its hassle free execution resulting in a fresh and sparkling abode will bring joy for days to come.

To start with, make a cleaning chore list. It should include all the required cleaning activities arranged in order of importance. It is very important to follow carefully the priority sequence of these activities so that there is no wastage of time and swift execution is the norm. To illustrate, absence of a cleaning chore list could make you vacuum the floor first and brush out the cobwebs on the ceiling next. Besides, it is easier to forget an important cleaning task. Moreover, the list can serve as a check list too on which can be ticked the cleaning activities already done. Surely, an excellent way to avoid unnecessary duplication of work.

Effective and Swift Spring, Cleaning of Your Home Easy Steps To Clean Your Floor


Regular maintenance helps

It makes sense to undertake regular maintenance of the house so that it becomes easier to have a comprehensive cleaning effort. For instance, maintenance of upholstery is essential. Dusting of upholstered furniture twice in a week will ensure tidiness and prevent wear and tear. At the time of spring cleaning, vacuum the upholstered furniture after dusting them.

Use dry cleaning services when required

There are a few items that should not be washed but handed over to professionals. It is better, for example, to use dry cleaning services for cushions even if they have attached zips. Home washing may result in cushions losing or changing their shape and consequently, they may not retain their previous desirable look.

Get rid of clutter

It is a priority on every home cleaning list to get rid of clutter. Learn to be unemotional about it and do away with CDs, books, magazines, papers, appliances and the like that have outlived their use. Cluttered rooms look way less good than tidy ones without the clutter.

Cleaning rooms

When cleaning rooms, take only a room at a time, possibly even a section of a room to be certain that the work is thorough. Use the proper dust cleaning techniques. Start with the dusting work, then take on the sweeping and lastly wet cloth wiping of surfaces. In this way, the room’s floating dust is got out of the way before it can latch on to wet surfaces.

Effective and Swift Spring, Cleaning of Your Home Easy Steps To Clean Your Floor

Cleaning reflective surfaces

Use old newspapers instead of cloth rags when doing mirrors, windows and glass surfaces. These surfaces will then dazzle and remain untouched by messy streaks which could be left by cloth materials.

Scrubbing clean

Doors, ceiling fans, light fixtures and air conditioner vents should be scrubbed clean for sparkle or fresher look.

Have fun when cleaning

Cleaning can be fun and not an inescapable chore. Choose a bright sunny morning, open the windows for the fresh air to flow in, click on your favorite music and then start working. Time will fly enjoyably while you dust and mop. The music combined with fresh air and bright sunlight will provide an energy flip.

Final words
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