Easy Steps To Clean Your Floor Like An Expert

Easy Steps To, Clean Your Floor, Like An Expert

Easy Steps To Clean Your Floor Like An Expert

Carpet floors are slowly being replaced with hardwood flooring. It prevents collection of dust and pollen grains like carpet and can be cleaned much easily. Flooring could be tile, marble, wood or polished concrete. All the hardwood flooring would need regular cleaning, since even a small stain will make the room look ugly. In case of marble flooring, even a small drop of water can lead to slipping and you my get hurt.

Calling a professional is an easy task and hassle-free way to clean the floor, but then there is no need to spend money when you can easily do this task yourself. Here are some tips to help you clean the floor absolutely like an expert and keep it spotless and shiny:

Easy Steps To, Clean Your Floor, Like An Expert

1. First step is to wipe off the dust from furniture. Use a dry cloth to clean and remove any dirt particles from tables, armoire, chair and kitchen slabs. This way the house will remain clean for a long period.

2. After this sweep the floor with broom or a vacuum. This will remove all the dry dust and dirt on the floor. If you feel the need then dry clean the floor twice. Remember to be careful when you are bending, otherwise a jerk can injure the back. Use a mat when you need to kneel and clean the floor under the mat.

3. Now take some water in a bucket and add a surface cleaner or disinfectant to sanitize the floor.  Take a mop and dip in water and clean the surface. When the water and mop gets dirty, change the water.

Easy Steps To, Clean Your Floor, Like An Expert

4. You can use steamers for steam cleaning the wooden flooring. But make sure that there are no cracks in the wood, otherwise moisture would seep in and destroy the floor.

5. Once wet mopping is done let the floor dry before you start walking around. Therefore it is necessary that you clean the floor when kids are out or sleeping.

6. Once it is dried out look out for any marks left. You can clean these marks with a mesh pad and a cleaner and gently wipe off with a cloth.

7. Occasionally wax can also be used to give a mirror shine to the floor. Take a cloth and apply wax on the floor and rub it until you get a shiny and smooth surface.

8. Waxes can cause residue build up, and are not easy to use daily. Instead you can add some vinegar and olive oil to the water and then spray it on the floor. Clean it with a dry towel and notice the shine.

9. Once cleaning is done it is very important to clean all the tools for future use. Clean the mop in a hot water and dry it. If it is not cleaned properly it will start stinking and you won’t be able to use it next time. Similarly, clean the bucket and store the disinfectant at a safe location away from kids.

10. If you have laminate floor do not use steam cleaners, floor wax and polish, scouring pads and strong chemicals. They can ruin the lamination. In case of any confusion you can contact the manufacturer and consult for the cleaning products to be used.

Nancy Rorie is blogger who writes about home improvement tips, green technology and energy saving led stripes.

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